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    Players can buy cards in NBA 2K21 by exchanging 2K21 MT with other players. Meanwhile, you can also farm MT currency by selling cards, completing a large number of missions. You can see your total MT coins in the user bar strip at the upper right of most screens in the mode. Here, we’ve compiled some quick ways to get NBA 2K21 MT. You can follow the tips below to get millions of MT coins to enjoy the game. Auction House The best place to get MT coins is the Auction House. You can sell your unwanted player for an awesome number of coins. Or, you can buy valuable player cards at a low price and then flip it for a high price. Participate in a large number of TTOs (reduce contract costs) and learn how to trade at the auction house. I used to buy gold (5 games) contracts for 550 MT and sell them for 1000 MT. It seems that the current running speed has dropped to 700 or 800 MT, so it’s not worth it after 10% commission. But browse the auction house, find one or two...
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    In NBA 2K20 MyTeam you need to build your own team of current and former NBA players to compete in a variety of game modes. To do this, you must get a lot of NBA 2K21 MT that are used to buy card packs or upgrade your current player’s talents and whatnot. So how to gey MT fast in NBA 2K20? Domination By playing through Domination you can get a ton of game experience and farming plenty of rewards, including MT coins. What’s more, you choose the difficulty for every game. Obviously, the higher the difficulty, the greater the reward. The aim is to collect stars that count toward additional rewards. Completing the first game on Rookie difficulty will give you 375 MT, three team cards, and a team logo, along with one star towards the overall rewards. If you complete it on All-Star, the rewards will jump up to 625 MT, three team cards, and Evolution player from that team who you can upgrade, and three stars. In all, you can earn 36 tokens, tens of...
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