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    Bottle Machine is a one type fabrication of plastics , it is Used to manufacture of Hollow object by inflating heated plastic tube to fill a mold or die and form for require shape. The blow molding machine having three types: Injection Type Extrusion type Stretch type What is blow molding? Simply speaking, blow molding is a method used for mass producing plastic containers through a specialized blow molding machine. The blow molding process begins by simply melting the plastic and forming it into a parison, which is a hollow tube. A parison is then injected into the machine, and it is there where the process differs. Extrusion blow molding For this process, the plastic is melted and then extruded into the parison. The parison is then closed, and then air is blown into the desired shape while it is still warm. Then once the piece is completely cooled, the plastic is ejected. There are two parts of extrusion blow molding: continuous and intermittent. Continous is...
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