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    Verve Fitness published a blog post The Best Muscle Mass Gaining Exercises
    In your quest to to put on muscle, all exercises are not created equally. If you want to make the most efficient use of your time in the gym and get your dream body as soon as naturally possible, you need to perform free-range, compound exercises and the best of the best for each muscle group are listed below. So forget the "machines", man up, and hit the REAL weights. Calves - Standing Calf Raises You can use your body weight for these or if you have a machine at your gym, that will work too. This movement is easy, lift up and down on your toes to emphasize the calf muscles. Quads - Barbell Squats For squats, deadlifts, and stiff-legged deads, you should search for a video on YouTube for the proper form. It's better to see them than to read about these three. Hamstrings - Stiff-Legged Deadlifts Lower Back - Deadlifts Back - Dumbbell Rows With your left knee/leg on a flat bench, and the other on the floor behind you, grab...
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