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  • Erectile Dysfunction is an issue which affects millions of males all over the world. This article will discuss several of the frequent reasons, both psychological and physiological of Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Process Understanding the process by which an erection takes place is the first step to knowing the root reasons behind ED. To achieve an erection there are a lot of variables are involved and certain complicated processes have to take place. The erection is influenced by the psychological aspects, including the amount of anxiety and stress, physical factors, such as the blood vessels and the muscles within the penis and the amount of sex hormones, as well as the central nervous system. Cenforce 150 helps in treating ED. The process starts with a signal sent to the brain in response to sexual stimuli. These could be smell, touch as well as visual and auditory signals. If the brain is able to interpret these signals as signals, it transmits them to the...
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